Recycled Glass Slabs

Starting at $35 per sq. ft

Recycled glass countertops have been becoming popular as many people around the world are becoming aware or coming to a realization of the environmental impacts we have today. Recycled glass slabs are reliable and also very durable, comparable to granite when talking about durability. This material is made from 85% recycled glass and joined by concrete. Start your remodeling with a safe environmental option.

Throughout the United States, you will be able to find this material. The reason this material was made possible was because of the curbside recycling, windows, drinking glasses, and more. To keep a sleek look, make sure to reseal the countertop every single year.

KR Tile & Stone is always up to something, whether it’s keeping clients satisfied or researching new products on the market. We should all support products that are environmentally responsible. Look deeper into recycled glass and be the next person to realize that you can also make a difference and that’s by being ecologically accountable.


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