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Limestone is a sedimentary rock that usually appears off-white and pale gray, composed mostly of calcite. It is known to be a durable stone used for patio pavers, countertops, and bathroom vanities. At KR Tile & Stone, we make sure to seal the limestone countertops before installation to give the stone durability and long-term beauty.

For your kitchen or bathroom:

Although limestone countertops are an expensive selection, it is one of the most beautiful stones on the market. It is a very interesting and unique stone to look at as it has many complex details, like natural inclusions and fossils. Like granite, limestone is a very porous stone that can stain if the stone is not properly taken care of. All acidic foods or liquids can stain this stone, such as tomatoes, citrus fruit, vinegar, and more. If you will be handling acidic foods or liquids make sure to dampen the stone, once you are done make sure to rinse the countertop clean.

For your kitchen or bathroom:
Due to the fact that marble is a lot softer than granite or other countertop materials, it is vulnerable to stains or streaks. A neutral cleaner works best for many countertops or you can buy stone soap to clean the granite or you can also use a mild dishwashing liquid detergent and warm water, make sure to use a soft cloth when cleaning the surface. If you use too much of the liquid detergent a film residue or streaks can appear on the stone, making it lose its beauty. Stay away from all acidic products! It will damage the surface!

Fascinating Facts!

Limestone is made up of calcite which consists of marine organisms that are deposited on the ocean floor as pelagic ooze. Limestone is formed as a carbonate precipitate around small particles in water or is deposited by waters rich in calcium carbonate, making it very easy to see fossils on the surface. This sedimentary rock is also formed through a chemical transformation involving different organisms like bivalves, coral, and algae.



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