Stone Fabricators

KR Tile & Stone has been leading the way in residential and commercial stone and tile installation. The greater Los Angeles area has been benefiting from the efforts of our team since 1998. Every client is satisfied at the very end of the project because of the expertise, knowledge, commitment, and love the team at KR Tile & Stone has for the fabrication and installation process. We work very hard to bring the best look to your home or business. You will be in good hands with our company as we aim to be the best in the area, taking pride in every job we do.

Materials Used by the Stone Fabricators

There isn’t an infinite amount of options but there are still some decisions to be made on the client’s part. The first part of the process begins with selecting a material for your surface. Our team will make sure the material chosen is the best option, matching your needs and tastes. You will get a great understanding of every option and will also receive recommendations on what would work best for the area you are trying to cover in your home or business. Some materials options are:







Out of all the materials, these are in particular the most widely used options for remodeling projects. Every material is going to require commitment, meaning that you should really think about contacting a professional to help provide you with the best options. Our team will definitely help you find a material that you will love.

Areas Stone Fabricators Cover

Our experts in stone fabrication provide for residential or commercial purposes.  Our team can service nearly any room or area. Contact a professional at KR Tile & Stone for more information on stone fabrication for your home, restaurant, hotel, or other business. The variety of stones can be used for:







Bathrooms and Kitchens

And more!

The Process Used by Stone Fabricators

Stone Cutting

The fabrication process begins with the precise stone cutting. For the best results stone fabricators use the most advanced stone-cutting tools on the market. Enabling them to make exact, clean cuts. Although the material may be very tough and sturdy, our team will still make the precise cuts and designs regardless of the complexity.

Quality Control

Any material chosen to fit your needs and specific taste is supposed to meet certain standards for quality. The person responsible for checking all materials are the stone fabricators. They must make sure they are in perfect shape, which means no blemishes or cracks because it may be a big problem in the fabrication process. Find a stone fabricator that has the ability to provide highquality work in order to receive the best end results, with a beautifully completed project.


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