Natural Stone

KR Tile & Stone has successfully provided stone grinding, honing, and polishing restoration services in addition to its stone fabrication services. You can acquire a stunning and brandnew look with our refinishing process. With a team of experts, we can definitely restore your stone since each and every one of them is trained and licensed to perform the job at the highest level. View our gallery in order to view all of our exceptional jobs. There can be much damage to the stone or tile over time. Especially in the Los Angeles area, you have to remember that there are many factors that lead to damage to the exterior stones like air pollution. What does the air pollution do? It darkens your surface which also allows the surface to absorb more heat, meaning that it can cause expansion or contraction of the material. If this happens then it may lead to stone fractures. Choose the material that is best for you and your family. KR Tile & Stone can help accomplish all your needs through a simple consultation.

The Grinding, Honing, and Polishing Process

Stone Grinding is a specific tool used to flatten the stone base. The tool is chosen depending on the material. It is a process that will remove deep and fine scratches from the surface, revealing a fresh base. Grinding is usually done when the damage is very severe.

Stone Honing is a less harsh method than the grinding process, most of the projects start with this method. It creates a flat and flawless stone surface. If there are minor or moderate stone damages, then honing is the best option.

Stone Polishing adds a shine to your stone as it restores its appearance. The base is polished to provide a new look, allowing the base to look very sleek and clean. In order to protect the stone after the polishing is complete, one must apply a sealant.

Extend the life of Natural Stone

Over time the stone will begin to lose its shine, and that’s normal. The thing is as the beauty begins to fade away it will begin to look less captivating. Poor maintenance procedures and everyday use can lead to the stone surfaces losing their shine. We may sometimes do things that contribute to the corrosion of the surfaces. Using the correct cleaning products can help keep its shine, if you don’t you might begin to notice circles that may look like water stains. Choose the best stone and have proper maintenance in order to avoid any surface damage.

Tips for Cleaning Stone Surfaces:

• If you are planning on placing any pans, mugs, or hot containers onto the surface of your stone then you should consider using coasters.
• You should avoid dragging anything capable of leaving scratches behind.
• Buy neutral cleaners or specific products used for stone cleaning purposes.
• Don’t use any acidic products when cleaning stone bathrooms. Dilute the ammonia with an acceptable amount of water if that’s how you choose to clean stone bathrooms. Keep in mind that mixing ammonia and bleach can cause a very dangerous gas, so stay away from mixing the two.
• If there is any bacteria or grime on outdoor stone surfaces, use mild bleach to remove it.

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