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Granite contains several minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Granite’s unique structure makes it the hardest natural stone other than diamond. It is known to be very durable, and because of that granite has become a popular kitchen and bathroom countertop material. It has continued to gain popularity as a material for floors and other surfaces that may be heavily used.

Aside from its durability, granite also has a beautiful look. KR Tile & Stone provides many options, with every single slab having its own unique pattern and veining. To strengthen the natural beauty of the stone and create an appealing countertop, our team will polish the granite to give it a high-gloss finish.

After the polishing has been completed there will still be small pits and cracks visible in the stone. The small marks that are left behind are a natural characteristic of granite. The pits and cracks add to the beauty of the stone, with the crevices or cracks not being a con of the stone but a pro.

What beautiful stone forms from liquid magma? First of all, that stone is the molten rock found below the Earth’s crust. As the substance is slowly cooled it begins to develop its hardness and durability, being compared to diamond. That stone is granite. It is literally as old as the earth itself and due to its durability, it is a great option for surfaces with high traffic. Usually added to kitchens or bathroom counters. Granite rarely discolors or stains and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Perfect choice for any commercial or residential surface.

Granite countertops

Although your new granite countertops were treated with a penetrating sealer before even being installed, KR Tile & Stone recommends you reseal your surface once a year for the best protection against damage. Stains can be caused by wine, lemon, vinegar, or also grapefruits juice. Stay sealed so the damages aren’t revealed.


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