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KR Tile & Stone provides the greater Los Angeles area with very tough, modern Quartz kitchen countertops and also surfaces.
Many people all over the area will recommend our team of installation experts when it comes to performing the best precise and quality installation of your new quartz surfaces for either your home or business. If you are located in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, LA County, or even Studio City then please pick up the phone and give us a call. People have been referring people here due to the high-end jobs we have accomplished. We strive to give every client the best job possible and can deliver on demand, presenting you with the best residential or commercial quartz installation. You will be completely satisfied with our team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals.

About Quartz

Quartz is the second most common mineral found in the earth’s continental crust. The first is Feldspar. You can use your imagination to picture the key to modern, longlasting kitchen countertops being right underneath the surface of Los Angeles. Home surfaces made of quartz are known as “engineered quartz/stone” due to the fact that it is actually a fabricated stone, it’s not 100% natural. The stone itself is composed of 93% mineral quartz and 7% filler. The 7%, consists of the coloring pigments, and resins. 

Benefits of Quartz

If you are looking for the best lowmaintenance choice, then Quartz counters are definitely the way to go.

Remember that Quartz is less porous than the material known as granite. The lower the porosity levels of the stone the more forgiving it is, helping you deal with stress and wear.

You shouldn’t have to worry about creating scratches with your current household cleaning products, especially since quartz doesn’t require sealant in the first place. It is always recommended that you use surface cleaners that are made specifically for kitchen countertops. It will help you prevent any deterioration of your beautiful material.


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