Stone Fabrication

KR Tile & Stone has become known for specializing in stone fabrication, being a high-end option in the market. You can choose from different stones to cover surfaces for exterior, residential, or even commercial purposes.

We have become known particularly in the greater Los Angeles area due to the outstanding services we provide to all of our customers.

Los Angeles is always in high demand when it comes to stone and tile surface fabrication. In California itself, you will find thousands of well-designed houses that may be very popular or known as the most beautiful buildings around. As we have established our company in the Los Angeles area we as a whole feel the art and architectural history that lies within the community and behind our accomplishments.

Start a project and let our team handle the workload and impress you with a top-notch job. It can either be a remodeling project or one starting from scratch. All of our contractors, masons, installers, and representatives will make sure they provide the best service, our customers mean the world to us and our company.

Over time we will continue to prove to the Los Angeles area that we provide the best services. We listen to the customers, keeping them on budget, and schedule, and also providing for their wants.

Stone Fabrication for Residential Purposes








Tile Stairs



And a lot more options are available to create a luxurious presentation.

Stone Fabrication for Commercial Purposes


And any other businesses located in Los Angeles that want to upgrade to beautiful stone and tile either interior or exterior.

All About the Fabrication Process

The first thing in the process is getting a consultation from a professional. All personal needs can be determined through a consultation. It will also allow the customer to gain additional information on all the different materials, providing expert input. A successful project may be dependent on the material used, knowing what’s the best option is key. If you have a family you might want to stay away from material that stains easily, such as marble.

All Material Options

The material really sets the tone, a specialists should really give you a strong foundation when it comes to choosing the material. The fabricators have a lot of knowledge of the various materials and could definitely help take your project in the right direction. Choose from:

Ceramic tile

Porcelain tile

Glass tile

Slate tile

Travertine tile

Limestone tile

Marble tile

Granite tile

Saltillo tile

Tumble stone

Terracotta tile

And many more!


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