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Are you searching for a custom stone or tile to cover a surface? KR Tile & Stone is the perfect place for you. Find custom masterpieces at the very best quality, from a wide variety of chic options to choose from.

In the greater Los Angeles area our team has been recognized for providing very high-end products, the best services, and customer satisfaction. All the luxury tiles can be found through KR Tile & Stone, so look no further. Neighboring cities all around Los Angeles have contacted us for stones and tiles. Cities such as: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and many more. A trusted partner that understands your needs, accomplishing any project.

A wide range of luxurious tiles and stones can vary from contemporary, classic, and many other aesthetic looks. Any custom tile can be made just for our customers. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, our team will go that extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Custom tiles can be implemented into any surface, such as:

Bathroom walls and floors

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Sinks

Cocktail Bars


Swimming Pools

Jacuzzi Tubs


Bath Tubs

Living Rooms




Or any other surface you can think of

The image that our products will create is unbelievable and very unique. Custom stones or tiles will set you apart from the rest, adding a stunning look.

Stone Options

Ceramic tile

Porcelain tile

Glass tile

Slate tile

Travertine tile

Limestone tile

Marble tile

Granite tile

Saltillo tile

Tumble stone

Terracotta tile

And many more!

Can You Custom Cut Any Stone?
For the most part almost every stone can be be made custom. No matter the difficulty of the design our professionals will be able to work through the complexities in order to fulfil your custom tile project. With the advancement of technology our team has been able to create all requested designs in a more efficient way. Our fabrication and installment is on another level.

Choosing the Perfect Stone or Tile
An expert in this field will simply analyze your needs to help you choose the perfect stone or tile. A decision can be made depending on a certain lifestyle you live everyday. Sometimes we all need guidance into making the best decision possible. Let the tile define who you are. If you’re trying to add tile to the shower you will have to make sure it’s porcelain tile so the tile can deal with the heat that’s being released, causing expansion and contradiction. That is why it’s important to receive a consultation before going forward and making any decisions.

KR Tile & Stone will allow your process to be very smooth, easy and successful. All products and services may not be available anywhere else, with our team you will be taken care of. Our job is over until the customer is fully satisfied. Allow all your thoughts, images, and dreams become a reality by working together on a home or business design.


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