Water Jet Cutting

Throughout the Los Angeles area, KR Tile & Stone has provided water jetcutting services. It is one of the features we are proud of as the water jet cutters help us advance in our Stone Fabrication and Tile Installation processes.

Historically it has become known as the “Valley of Smoke”. In the Los Angeles area, we have been fighting the growth of the environmental impacts of exhaust which have been caused by vehicles, airplanes, poor manufacturing practices, and also shipping. The water jet cutter only uses water and nothing else, meaning that it has no exhaust and that it is an eco-friendly process. One of the positives of the water jet cutter is that it’s an extremely fast and precise way to cut the tile or stones.

Clients are allowed to choose detailed and complex designs due to the precision of the water jet cutter. Choose KR Tile & Stone and select any luxurious surface. Get your stone customized by our experienced team.

How Water Jet Cutting Works

Our masons use water jet cutters for the fastest and most environmental way to take on the cutting process. It is used for either natural stone or tile surfaces for your home or business.

The tool is used for cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water. It pushes water through a nozzle at a high speed, giving the cutter the ability to take on any stone or tile. The high pressure and stress of the water stream allow for the accurate and precise cut of the customer’s choice. All fragile materials can also be cut using the water jet cutter, as you are allowed to modify the water flow if you will be cutting glass, stone, or ceramics.

All the possible results coming from the water jet cutter are more exact than any of the results you get from a regular saw or also CNC machinery.

The structure of the surface remains the same since the water jet cutters do not use heat when making contact with the material.

Benefits of the Water Jet Cutter

You get the fastest results by simply using “green” technology. Allow this product to be part of the solution! All delicate materials need a specific cutter because in many incidents the material was ruined. The water jet cutter allows all stone and fabrication jobs to be completed more efficiently, giving you the freedom to get creative with the designs.


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