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KR Tile & Stone provides all the elegant, artisan exterior stone and tile options for walls and floors, benefiting the greater Los Angeles area as we serve both commercial and residential clients. Through the addition of stone, you will be adding class to any out outdoor space. Add stone to the following:







Every stone goes through a detailed fabrication and also a quality inspection. KR Tile & Stone makes sure that every surface is installed by trained and skilled professionals. Any stone you choose can transform your area and help make a striking statement. It is pretty easy to maintain exterior walls and floors, especially hard material options such as granite and limestone. All stones blend naturally with the exteriors of your home or business, and also have the option to go with an eco-friendly and green material. Stone is long-lasting as it is one of the strongest and most durable materials used for outdoor projects. If you are looking for an organic feel, KR Tile & Stone recommends you go with Granite, Travertine, and other natural stone and tile selections available. Check out the gallery for pictures of all the projects we have completed.

You shouldn’t worry much about the price of stone. It will be more expensive than other materials but it will pay off in the long run. All your outdoor surfaces will be covered with durability and beauty after its installation. Unlike the unnatural options, there is far less need for constant maintenance.

With our help, we will both be able to transform your exterior into something creative and fun. It is important to choose a design you’ll love for your home and business. At the end of the day, it is always great to invest in a quality job, as you will get the best material and will also have experts taking on your project.


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