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A glass that is as elegant as marble is made from 100% recycled glass products. Bio-glass is a design that stands up to wear and tear so well, making you wonder if it was even made from glass. It is a practical and sustainable solution to minimizing waste without compromising on taste. This is the perfect option for those looking to find a sustainable, no-fuss option.

KR Tile & Stone is proud to be one to fabricate Bio-Glass surfaces for businesses in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area. Our advanced equipment and our highly trained staff work hard to provide all customers with something they can’t keep their eyes off of due to its beauty.


Choose Bio-Glass!

Roughly 80% of the city’s waste is currently being thrown in landfills instead of being properly recycled. It is time to reduce waste and start making more socially conscious decisions. Bio-glass is a step in the right direction, especially for those living in Los Angeles. All consumers can play a part in the reduction of negative environmental practices in Los Angeles, California, and around the world. It is time to help push green and sustainable practices to benefit the environment.

The Benefits of Bio-Glass

It is an excellent option that doesn’t require much maintenance. It is perfect for consumers who are looking for a material with charm and also a highend look. If you can save some time and also benefit the environment at the same time Bio-Glass should be a great option. If you ever decide to choose Bio-glass, you will notice that it is a durable material that keeps its integrity over time. You can use any basic cleaner, so spray some Windex, and wipe, and you’ll have a sleek and clean surface in no time.

Bio-Glass is a great solution to rescue our waste. The fabrication of this particular product involves using the same tools that are also used in the fabrication process of the natural stone. You will also have the option to create green surfaces that can be placed on your counters and floors. Use its versatility to your advantage and transform your space into a positive solution that will help the environment.

A full-cycle solution is something Bio-Glass provides. Every countertop out there should be more than just a simple surface, it should be a trend. It will help protect the earth involving form and function. If you ever decide to switch your countertop and remove your Bio-Glass top then it will simply become recycled. Think of an eco-friendly way to help out the environment, create a design, and watch it come to life.


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