Engineered Surface

Starting at $35 per sq. ft

Choose a countertop that best fits your needs. Quartz has a variety of options when it comes to selecting a color for your location. Go with a more modern look or choose granite look-alike colors and patterns. Quartz has the edge and many advantages over granite due to its bright colors, lightweight, and durability. During the manufacturing process, raw quartz is used, ranging in size. Once the Quartz is selected the crystals are then combined with bonding agents and color. Then it is heated and vibro-compacted in order to form a very dense and solid surface. At the very end of this process, you will receive 93% quartz and 7% resin binders and pigments. The material is free of cracks and is resistant to water, moisture, or bacteria, allowing the material to last a very long time.

At KR Tile & Stone we offer a great variety of forms and functions that include quartz countertops. Everyone is looking for something beautiful, durable, and practical. With the quartz countertop, there is little you will need to worry about. This choice tends to be the top choice for people who want to be able to choose a color from factory-produced samples and who want a uniform appearance.

If you are interested in finding engineered stones like IceStone, Vetrazzo, Caesarstone, Cambria, or even SileStone, choose KR Tile & Stone and explore the variety of options provided by our team. All the client has to worry about is getting a consultation and choosing the material because with KR Tile & Stone we provide all the materials, as the supplier ships it to us, and we deal with the fabrication process.


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