Stone & Tile Fireplaces

At KR Tile & Stone we will provide you with custom, original fireplace remodeling and tile design services. Helping many homeowners or businesses upgrade within the greater Los Angeles, CA area. Make your fireplace the center of your home or business. Create a cozy environment and add a modern, sleek, or luxurious look at the same time.

No matter what kind of look you’re trying to acquire, our skilled team of professionals and masons will help find a design that is best for you.

One must plan out the project, decide on the material, and be on top of the fabrication and installation to make sure that your experience is comfortable and easy. With our masons you will be led in the right direction, helping you decide on the material and other wants.

When working with fireplace remodeling or designing, one must remember to be very cautious when choosing the material. KR Tile & Stone will use fire-resistant tile that’s certified, to ensure your safety. A fire can occur if the proper material isn’t used, so go with professionals who have experience in this particular field.

The chimney should be inspected before beginning the tile installation on your fireplace. You will need to clean the area and make sure to remove all flammable scraps or debris. Fireplaces can be unified into any design style you love because there is such a wide variety of stone and tile materials available. You will be able to choose from either stacked stone or cast stone. You will be granted the opportunity to also add a beautiful finishing touch and an accent along with mosaics and other complex tile patterning. Creating a fireplace inside your household with marble, granite, or luxury imported tile. The fireplace can add a wonderful touch to any space.

Best Material Options for Fireplaces

An option that can bring a modern look into your location will be natural stone. The smooth, flat surface is simple and bold. Make sure to lay out all of your options before making a decision.

Ceramic and glass tiles are also another beautiful option that allows you to create intricate designs, patterning, and a large variety of themes. Many people choose to go with the popular option and go with the beautiful, colorful mosaic work. When it comes to tile, stone, ceramic, or glass; there isn’t one way to do things. There are infinite ways to cut and arrange the materials to make a fireplace that defines all your wants.


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