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If you are an individual looking for a countertop made of granite or any stone surface to add shine to your kitchen or bath, you should think about looking into a stone like Cambria. There are many benefits from this particular stone, one being that Cambria Natural Quartz Countertops are twice as strong as Granite.

Find the warmth and richness that you’ve been looking for, which can only be found in natural quartz surfaces. A place like KR Tile & Stone allows you to meet elegance, beauty, function, and lasting durability. With an infinite palette of dazzling colors showcasing the overall character of natural quartz. Many homeowners have been asking for Cambria by name. By simply adding Cambria to your location, you’ll add warmth and beauty. Its strength and durability can only be found in the beautiful natural quartz. If you are trying to create a dream home, you should start with Cambria.

Benefits of Cambria Quartz Countertops

Strength & Durability
Remember to keep in mind Cambria Natural Quartz countertops are twice as strong as granite. Cambria is a surface that will truly last a very long time.

Maintenance Free
One of the things people love about Cambria is that no sealing, polishing, or reconditioning is needed. You can easily clean the stone with warm water. It’s that easy. Granite is also a great option but Cambria will resist stains coming from tea, wine, or even coffee.

Food Safe
A variety of options with one decision to be made. The Cambria countertop has been certified by NSF International for being a safe food preparation surface. Cambria is a nonporous material, meaning that food and moisture will not be able to penetrate the surface.

All Natural
A perk that comes along with this specific stone is its extreme sturdiness. Since it is made by pure natural quartz it is known to be the hardest non-precious store out in the market locally and around the world. Nothing is harder than Cambria, a stone you can trust and count on.

Everlasting Value
If you’re wondering what will add instant value to your home, look no further because its beauty and performance advantages over granite will make your house the center of attention. Treat yourself and upgrade your stone today and make all your guests fall in love with your home.

When choosing a Cambria countertop, you will be covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Invest some time in discovering all the benefits that come with choosing this stone which are greater than other surfaces.


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