Bathroom Remodeling

KR Tile & Stone is an area with high-end bathroom stone and tile selection, fabrication, and installation. We will make sure that you make the perfect choice for your bathroom remodeling as we have been helping the greater Los Angeles area with bathroom stone and tile for quite some time now.

Everyone understands that a bathroom is truly one of the most important spaces in your house. With an acquisition of brand new stone or tile your bathroom will become bright and beautiful. You will have plenty of options to choose from, depending on durability and design you will find the stone or tile perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or zen, KR Tile & Stone has provided luxurious jobs to the North Los Angeles area. Upgrading your bathroom with leave visitors in awe. Our team is skilled and is also determined to help you make your bathroom stunning.

Best Materials for Bathroom Design and Renovation

Moisture is a critical factor when deciding what stone or tile you want for your location. So you should take that into account when deciding on what material you will be choosing to implement into your bathroom. Tile and stone tend to be the common choices for bathrooms since they can withstand the impact of moisture that appears with humidity.

• Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles
This option will open up a wide variety of design possibilities for your bathroom floors. It will provide every client with a great opportunity to mix and match sizes and styles. With our team of experts, we can help put together an elegant bathroom vanity or a modern bathroom tub.

• Natural Stone
If you want a variety of options, from textures to colors, that will make your bathroom look very extravagant this will be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for traction to counter slippery floors there are different natural stones that will fit your needs, like travertine or honed stones.

Let KR Tile & Stone bring your ideas and dreams to life!

Let KR Tile & Stone bring your ideas and dreams to life!


Remodeling Your Tub

Remove old bathroom fixtures such as all faucet handles, tub spouts, and shower heads. Everything around the tub will also need to be removed.
• Repair the fundamental wall and surfaces. Before starting this remodeling project the underlying wallboard may need to be repaired, so make sure that is done before tackling this project. Remove loose paint and any rotten or moldy drywall.
• A professional will take all bathroom tile measurements, like the height and width of the walls that are set to be re-tiled. Then to see how the tiles will sit onto the joint the tiles will be laid horizontally on a tarp. Once the measurements are exact, the tiles will then be laid out from the center outwards.
The representative or expert will begin applying the tile one grid at a time. To push the tile into place a special adhesive will be added in small areas. A grout float or rubber mallet will be used to ensure that the tile is completely flat. After the job is done and the tiles are set, they will make sure to clean the tiles.
The most important part of the project is making sure the cutting process is completed properly. The representative will make the tile straight by using a tile cutter.

Remodeling Tips (Bathroom Vanity and Countertop)

 The bathroom vanities can be 29-32 inches in height.
 You can use two different types of tile if you want to make the bathroom vanity backsplash pop.
Porcelain tile is a very durable option for your countertops.
 If you want a natural look go with the glazed ceramic tile on your bathroom vanity.
 Going bold with your countertop design is never a bad option. With unique shapes and lively colors, you can acquire an attractive look.
Serving the different communities and providing quality jobs is what our teams do here at KR Tile & Stone. Let’s start today and we’ll help transform your bathroom into a luxurious area, illuminating your home or business instantly.


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